Greg Schumsky, our Fearless Leader
Scott Cook, our Creative Director

Who We Are

Acorn Entertainment Group was formed for the sole purpose of developing and managing the IP of the Jackalope Junction franchise. 

The goal is to have a multimedia approach to the rich story and characters of Jackalope Junction – from children’s books, to animated television, licensed merchandise, and of course, the creation of the town of Jackalope Junction – a Storypark where families can come, spend a day reconnecting, make great memories, and even be part of an adventure if they want – a town about morals, values, and life lessons that celebrate being victorious over anything that gets in life’s way. 

It’s hoped that creating those experiences will allow Acorn Entertainment Group to expand, by offering design and build services for other small parks – whether FEC’s or indoor mall experiences, through their own on-site fabrication and R&D shop. 

It’s our pleasure and an honor to be working side by side with Klaus Paulsen and the AdventureLab team on the myriad stories that make up Jackalope Junction and ultimately will bring it to life! 

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